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Decorator & Home Owner Information

Decorators & Homeowners are delighted to discover that we can help them turn their decorating dreams into reality. Some of the professional services we offer include:

Restored bed head rest

Whether it’s a small artifact of sentimental significance or your entire dining room set, we can do just about anything you may need.

We are all in search of new techniques to economize by conserving both money and energy.

We have all become conscious of doing things with a more environmentally sound approach or as the term of the 21st century phrases it “Green”.

Today we find that many of the items available on the market are costly and of inferior quality, not to mention imported from foreign countries, this process only increases the export of American jobs but the consumption of even more fuel and packaging materials that inevitably wind up in our landfills.

In continuing with our tradition of promoting restoration rather than replacement we are reaching out to our neighbors and clients to offer our services as a Green and economically sound alternative to discarding and replacement.